How do you feel about educating your children under COVID-19?

Like most of you, I wonder how our children will be educated. Will it be in class under a normal education environment, will it be done online using electronic technology, or will they just receive a certificate of completion?

One of my main campaign issues is education it is imperative that we make the right decisions at this time. What I’ve seen in the past is public education that has failed miserably to educate our children. With Gov. King Polis State of Emergency, COVID-19 mandates, many public education institutions are in a state of confusion.

I would hate to interrupt our public teachers in their year of social injustice and protesting. But we need to get them the “HELL” back in the classroom. Of course, I do not believe that this is the majority of our teachers, it is a small minority that I am speaking of. 

Parent choice in schooling of their children must come first and foremost. Now is the time for parents to act, parents need to speak out in their choice of schooling. Private schools; including parochial, charter schools, online schooling, home schooling and of course public education are just a few options for consideration.

The type of education our children will receive in the future may look quite different from what we had in the past. The school district in which I live have been challenged by the high percentage of dropout and low testing scores. Many children live in single-parent families, a parent may have to work many hours to feed, clothe, and house their family how much time will be available to also be the schoolteacher. And we cannot ignore parents with addiction problems alcohol and drugs.

We cannot afford to lose a generation to COVID-19

 I was very disturbed by a meeting of El Paso County health officials and school officials over week ago. El Paso County educators some 13,000 of them wish to mandate on how to reopen our schools. Many teachers are opting for a 100% virtual learning option, some are threatening strikes or walkouts if their demands are not met.

Under new guidance released Thursday July 30,2020 by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Schools with COVID-19 virus outbreaks in five or more classrooms will close the school for at least 10 days.

Education Commissioner Katy Anthes and other state officials are strongly encouraging districts to pursue (cohorting) keeping groups of students together and avoiding interaction with other groups. Gov. King Polis declaring to Colorado “It is reasonably safe. Many schools are opening.” Colorado’s 178 school districts race to refine their plans for the fall semester.
With this pandemic many occupations have had to assume and put themselves at a certain amount of risk, this being first responders, law enforcement, and anyone deemed essential. Should we not ask that educators and school administrators step up and assume a certain amount of risk in the performance of their jobs.

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