During these last three months of the COVID-19 lockdown, homicides have almost tripled. At this time last year, there were seven homicides compare to 20 today.  https://gazette.com/news/womans-shooting-death-investigated-as-colorado-springs-20th-homicide/article_4c052e0c-a29f-11ea-ae0a-4f221476afff.html

We must move money out of social welfare programs to fund expansion of the mental health facilities in Colorado. I would have satellite facilities around the state of Colorado to serve those communities and to keep families close. We can build a police station every 20 years, but do nothing for our mentally ill citizens or solve our mental health crisis.  

In Colorado, there is no Duty to Report or treat the mentally ill. As a State Representative, Exum has said nothing about mental illness. It is our legislature’s duty to protect the mentally ill as much as voting citizens. The Dems recommended taking away beds from the mental health facilities! That was a recommendation of the Joint Budget Committee last week. Can you imagine? So, even if we report, where would we place them for help? 

Immediately beginning of Phase II relief of the COVID-19 lockdown and what do you have? Chaos on our streets. We have seen a dramatic rise in domestic violence. We’ve seen an increase in suicide. 

We have a mental health crisis in our community, state, and the Nation. Here at home, we see the evidence all around us, but the Democrats insist it is about guns. The White Nationalist Gun Toting crowd. Can you say racist?

Today, mentally ill people are left out in the cold, limited resources, and are not considered a threat until after someone is hurt – someone is killed. The signs may be everywhere surrounding the person. The family doesn’t want the shame. Teachers, clergy, and professional don’t want to make a judgment call and be held legally accountable for it.

Our jails and our law enforcement are the caretakers of the mentally ill. Our jails are crowded with people needing professionals care and these same people are thrown out on the streets after 72 hours.  Blame our legislature for lack of action! The question asked is will they hurt themselves or hurt others. Without any way of assessing this, law enforcement must release them.  Why not convert the old Sand Creek CSPD Substation into a satellite mental health facility? 

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